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December 15th Reminders and Updates

Happy Saturday!

The 2019 ExxonMobil Scholarship Application has be posted as of Friday, December 7th.

Please go to go to and click on 2019 ExxonMobil Scholarship Application.

SECME Coordinators, please encourage all your active SECME graduating seniors to apply. Also, to help these active SECME graduating seniors prepare their best scholarship application package, the SECME National Office has released the 2019 ExxonMobil Scholarship Guidelines, which are available on the SECME homepage. Please have the students go to and click on the button labeled 2019 ExxonMobil Scholarship Guidelines.


To SECME Program Directors and those interested in starting a new SECME Program or club, the SECME National Office has a new on-line process for submitting principal commitment forms (PCF) and ISL forms. Visit our website at and click on School and ISL Commitment Form to submit.

SECME School or ISL Coordinators, the 2018-19 SECME National Student Competition Guidelines are available. Click here to login to get your copy today! SECME School Coordinators, your 2018-19 school and student data must be entered electronically into the SECME National database as follows: 1. If your SECME school or ISL is competing in any SECME competition, (local, state, or regional), competing SECME schools should have registered with the SECME National Office by Thursday, November 1st .

If your SECME school or ISL have not done so, please do so ASAP.

2. Existing SECME schools or ISL, competing in a SECME Competition or Not, please update your school information with the SECME National Office (SECME Database System) ASAP.

3. If you are a New SECME participating school or ISL, please have your school registration completed within 7 days of receiving your Welcome Letter.

4. SECME School or ISL Coordinators, please register new or update your existing students in the SECME Student Management System. ALL SECME students participating in SECME must be registered/updated in the SECME National Database System (Student Management System) by Monday, January 7th in order to advance to National Student Competition Finals and apply for scholarships.

43rd Summer Institute

The University of Florida in Gainesville, FL will host the 43rd Summer Institute; additional information will be forthcoming soon!

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