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2018 Summer Institute

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Summer Institute Resources

General Resources

2017 Summer Institute Schedule Book

Professional Learning Network Resources     

Week at a Glance

Embry Riddle Map

Embry Riddle

Important Information

  • Everyone, have your meal tickets with you for all meals at ERAU Student Center.    


  • DRIVERS:  Only park in designated parking lot behind the Student Village.  No Parking Pass is necessary in the back Student Village lot.  Parking tickets issued for cars parked in other campus areas are the drivers' responsibility. 


  • Campus Wi-Fi:  Search for wireless EagleNet . No password needed.


  • ERAU has many constructions projects in process.  Fenced-construction areas change regularly.   We will do our best to give explicit directions to the various event locations. Be back in the Student Village atrium by 5:30 pm today to walk over with the group for dinner.     


  • There are two Laundry rooms on the first floor available for our use for no charge.   


  • If you forgot something, please sign up during check-in for a shuttle run to Walmart after dinner on Sunday.


  • Trash & recycling rooms are centrally located on each floor.



Meal Voucher Combo Options

For use at the ERAU Food Court in the Student Center Building



Deli- 6 inch Sandwich or Wrap + 2 Sides + Drink

Deli- 12 in Sub + Drink

Hotline- Entrée + 2 Sides+ Drink

Grill- Entrée +2 Sides +Drink

Salad Bar- Large Salad+ Drink

Salad Bar- Small Salad+ Soup+ Drink



Hotline- Pick 4 + Drink

Grill- Breakfast Sandwich, Omelet or Burrito+ 1 Side+ Drink

Bakery- Up to 3 items+ Drink

2 cereals+ 2 Milks


Drink options

20oz Fountain Drink, 10oz Tropicana Juice (Bottom 2 rows), Small Coffee or 2 Cartons of Milk


Side Options

Any Hotline Side

Grill- French Fries, 3 Mozzarella Sticks

Retail Sides: Piece of Fruit, Bag of Chips, Granola bar (Excludes specially bars)

3 Fresh Baked cookies or 1 Jumbo Premium Cookie

Small Soup

*Counts as 2 Sides*

Onion Rings (When available), Small Salad, Yogurt Parfait Bar, Small Chili

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