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Registering Your SECME Program: Commitment Forms


Registering your SECME Program begins with sending the SECME National Office the appropriate form linked below. The process is as simple as 1-2-3.


STEP 1  

Print and return the appropriate, signed form to the SECME National Office via fax or email. This lets the National Office know that you plan to start an active program for the current school year.


SECME will enter your school or ISL name into the database system and then will email instructions with your code.

STEP 3  

Using your code, set up your password so that you can finish the SECME program registration process and then "enroll" your students with the Student Manager.



At the beginning of each school year, SECME asks that you update your school and student information in the database system. This way we know you plan to have a SECME program during that current school year. Updating your information does NOT require an additional "Commitment Form." Using your password, simple go into the system, click the current school year, and make and submit any changes in your school or student information fields. 



Are you a little unsure or don't remember how to work in the database system? No worries: Simply click on the Data Entry Instructions to refresh your memory!



Need help designing your new SECME Program? Helpful guidence can be found in the The SECME Toolbox.

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