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Founding Universities


In 1975, six Deans of engineering colleges first met to discuss the formation of a consortium to encourage minorities in science, math, and engineering.  In 1997, the name was changed to SECME Inc. to better represent the territories we serve today.


The founding Board members were deans of their university's engineering departments:


University: University of South Carolina
Dean: Dr. Joseph M. Biedenbach
EFC: Joe Bedinback


University: University of Florida
Dean: Dr. Wayne Chen
EFC: Rosco McNealy


University: Tuskegee Institute
Dean: Dr. Z.W. Dybczak
EFC: Shaik Jeelani


University: The University of Alabama
Dean: Dr. W.E. Lear
EFC: Dr. Reinhardt


University: University of Tennessee
Dean: Dr. Fred Peebles
EFC: Fred Brown


University: Georgia Institute of Technology
Assoc. Dean: Dr. F.W. Schutz
EFC: Bill Shultz

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