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SECME is a pre-college science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) enrichment program that provides schools, after-school programs and other childrens’ programs (for students kindergarten through 12th  grade) with projects, workshops, campus visits, competitions, information and scholarships to interest and prepare them for college and careers in STEM.  The SECME Alliance includes 42 Member Universities, industry partners, school systems, educators and parents, all committed to providing educational opportunities for under-represented student populations.


SECME’s focus is on under-represented student populations – African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, low income students and girls.  However we are not exclusive. Your student can become involved in SECME through their school (requires the principal’s permission and an adult club or group coordinator), scouting troup, after-school program, boys & girls club or other organized student group with adult leadership. It costs nothing to register a student group with SECME.


As your child's first teacher and coach, we believe you play an important role in your child's academic success in general, as well as their choice of careers and interest in STEM. This page is designed to provide you resources and information to enhance learning at home, introduce you and your child to resources and opportunities; and to help you to become a better partner with your schools. We invite you to visit often, subscribe to our Spotlight Newsletter and encourage your child's school or club to partner with SECME!

Empowering Parents to Excel at Parenting

Why all the Talk about STEM??

International statistics on education show that our nation is falling in its competitive edge in part because our students are not as proficient in math and science as other developed nations’ students. [TIMS].  In addition, students of color and girls fare even more poorly in these areas and are far less likely to pursue college and careers in STEM than their white male counterparts.


Research shows that the median annual earnings in science and engineering occupations will be more than $67,000, compared to $30,400 for other occupations. In addition, more and more of the the American workforce opportunities will be in STEM in the coming decades. SECME is working to ensure that the STEM workforce looks more like America, and we want your child involved.


A 2008 report by the Carnegie Corporation called “The Opportunity Equation” made recommendations on how to remedy the nation’s challenges in STEM education. In part, the report notes:

  • Improving the quality of classroom instruction as the  best strategy to improve student achievement

  •  The need among STEM classroom teachers for deeper content knowledge

  •  The value of teachers integrating real-world STEM projects and examples into instruction to convey the relevance of classroom content to majors and careers in STEM

  • The importance of aligning new content and professional development offerings to teachers’ state and district curricula

  •  The correlation between early experiences on college campuses for students and the likelihood they will pursue a postsecondary degree

  •  The necessity for in and out-of-school interventions as strategies to close the achievement gap for    underserved student populations

  •  The importance of engaging and educating parents in the education process for the improved student  outcomes


SECME is the only pre-college STEM initiative which addresses these and other key obstacles to student success in STEM (especially for under-represented populations).


SECME is committed to ensuring high-quality in and out of school experiences for the students we serve, at little or no cost and providing a road map so that more students of color, girls and underserved students are able to go to college and pursue careers in science, technology and engineering.

STEM Resources for Parents

Check this page regularly for resources and opportunities to enhance STEM learning!


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Change the Equation-

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SECME Member University Pre-College Summer Program Listing

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